About Innerview

Technology that systematically encompasses behavioral care while engaging the patient, informing the provider and supporting practice transformation.

Product Description

Innerview is a mental health clinical decision support system that collects, organizes, and automates mental health evidence to support diagnosis, treatment planning, and monitoring in the primary care setting.

It consists of 3 interactive modules, 2 for patients and 1 for clinicians:

  • Narrative Module (NM)
  • Rating Module (RM)
  • Clinician Module (CM)

It generates 5 clinical outputs:

  • A first person narrative of current physical, emotional, and behavioral symptoms and functioning related to common mental health disorders
  • Clinical report for diagnostic considerations and treatment planning
  • Individualized rating scale for symptom severity and monitoring change
  • Alerts related to potential self-harm
  • Database of mental health evidence for patient- and population- based quality care purposes