Our groundwork to establish a sufficient body of information is a blend of medical, behavioral and pre-clinical research. 

Innerview is supported by significant and ongoing research to assist Primary Care Providers in delivering the best in integrated care.

Clinical Research

An Evaluation of Innerview, a Web-based Tool to Support the Integration of Mental Health in the Primary Care Setting

Designed to determine the accuracy of data collected through a computer-administered, patient-driven narrative and individualized rating scale, and the reliability for identifying DSM-IV-TR criteria to support a provider's diagnosis and treatment planning.

Pre-Clinical Research

Innerview: An Evaluation of Accuracy, Acceptability and Test-Retest Consistency

The purpose of this pilot study was to begin to evaluate the accuracy, acceptability, and test/retest consistency of Innerview by having only individuals already identified with mental health difficulties participate in the study. Measurement error of the IRS severity ratings as captured by the slider graphic was also evaluated to estimate reliable change.

Innerview: Content Validity Procedures

This report describes the procedure that was used during development of the response options to ensure that they were valid indicators of DSM–IV–TR diagnostic criteria.

Innerview: Quality Assurance (QA) Procedures

The following QA procedures were implemented during our pilot study to ensure that the results of the individual reports, as well as the aggregated data from the SQL server, were consistent with the scoring rules built-in to the system.